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May 25, 2005



So.. You here the rumor that Zarqawi may have fled to Syria to get medical treatment for the wound its now 'known' he suffered, but may have gotten gangren in?

Sorry, but announcing that you are going to cut off the already questionable connections with the US with respect to terrorism, when there are strong suggestions of Syrian involvement in Iraq and now a rumor that the single biggest fish in the pond might be getting medical treatment there 'may' be an act of suicide. It certainly doesn't amuse me and I am anything be a Bush supporter. It is probably giving him hives. I hope its not a worse mistake than it appears. From the outside, the reforms look like little more than lip service to change and an attempt to laughingly forstall a war. It may even be an understandable action for those who know why it was done, but its not going to be seen as reasonable by a lot of people, not without a major successful change in how things seem to be happening.


you mentioned something about the street boiling..and asked if you are the only one who sees that, and I can say that I can't see any boiling at all.could you give any example? what do you base that (the thought that it's boiling) on?
there are just gossips and a lot of rumours, the president seem relativley popular.. many seem to think that he is a kind of a good Syrian prince/knight fighting against the evil old guard..etc. etc.

Bryan Kerwick

Try not to let political posturing get you upset Amaraji. Remember Bashir was a resident of Wisconsin during the Clinton administration. He has learned to please the voting base well even if he thinks otherwise. That's politics my man. Bloviating if you watch O'Reilly.

The US never really did have much help from Syria in the first place. That was all lip service for everyone else besides Syria and America. More bleeping politics.

Bashir has a real problem internally holding on to power. It's one of those oxymorons. This is something I suspect he never wanted in the first place but now that he has it he can't let go. Guess it's like heroin. It feels great but will kill you eventually.

Zarqawi is going to die one way or another. If he has gangren, it has been with him almost a month and no medical facility in Syria is capable of saving him. If not, it's just a matter of time before he gets caught by someone who really wants him dead, like Jordan his birthplace.

All this posturing bullsnot is politically driven and has no real effect on the outside world. Bashir is really insignificant outside the northeast corner of Islam. Don't think these actions are going to cause those really big boats off the coast of Lebanon to launch planes. Ain't happening. However, should King Lion II decide to do something really stupid like help Hizbullah launch another attack on Israel from Lebanon, all hell will break loose. The US will do absolutely anything it takes to keep the Jews out of this fight. If we don't, there is no chance of having a free Palestine. Bashir's bloviating is not a problem and you shouldn't read more into it. I know we don't.


To your comment on Zarqawi, Brian. Today on Hammorabi there was a post stating that he very well may have died. Very soon after his supporters declared this false and claimed that he "recovered". Though how he magically did so from a bullet wound through a lung, which was infected with gangren...

Seems Chrenkoff's parody "Prayers for Zarqawi's death" thread must have worked. Zarqawi's own supporter's "Prayers for recovery" campaign netted 70-80 posted prayers, Chrenkoff's parody produced 180 (its now at 242) in the same time. lol But heh, he might still be alive, so post your well wishes for his swift demise as well: http://chrenkoff.blogspot.com/2005/05/get-well-go-to-hell-al-zarqawi.html


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