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May 31, 2005


Bryan Kerwick


I am greatful those folks have been released. I truely wish that all Syrians could know freedom.

You and your like minded brethren have acomplished goals only the foolhearty could ever wish for.

You are in a unique position of having a chance to change your destiny. The folks are generally with you and since you dare to do this without a rifle, the world is with you(France, Belgium Germany &Russia the rest of us use guns).Even if you don't beleive it, so is Bashir.

I would bet all the tea in China and all the corn in Iowa he would trade places with you right now if he could.

His legions however are not so fond of freedom and democracy. You must stay but your wife and children should come to America(my house) or Australia(Paul's house) while the struggle for independance is waged.

There are vast populations seeking the same freedoms you prescribe. Arabs need to shed the shackles of the medeival ages and join the 21st century.

Afghani's have had free elections for the first time in 5,000 plus years of existance. Iraqi's are in the process of formulating their very first Constitution which is free of outside interests. Palestinians have had free elections without the benefit of a Country to call their own, Egyptians have a presidential canidate other than the official state sponsored ruler and even Saudi Arabia is about to allow women in politics. Most of these freedoms came from folks like you.

Shortly you and Iranians will have the same freedoms. These don't come free but are paid for by the folks who would shed their blood rather than be subjigated.

We stand with you in spirit and in kind. Basically, free people care that those who are subjigated be free if they so desire. I realize you are are a pacifist, but sometimes you got to fight. Now is that time. Fighting doesn't always have to be with guns. Your blogs have done wonders for many, especially those 8 folks that were in jail last week.

I on the other hand am not so pure. I prefer to impose the will of the people on their subjigators with a rifle. It would probably be less intrusive and by far less bloody to acomplish the same goals with tactical airstrikes but I want them to know who kicked their asses and why in a personal manner.

Keep on blogging for the people you love and even those you despise. This world has come to know people like you and they are proud to have you as a member of their tribe, the one that demands freedom, justice and basic rights for all.

May the God of your choice keep you and your family safe.


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