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May 16, 2005


Brian H

The less obscene version is "Screw Up", btw, just in case you care!

Your diagnosis seems to actually make no distinction between "lull time" and emergencies; both cause resort to old patterns.

Bryan Kerwick

There is nothing lmore obscene than these idiots who are bent on destruction.

Hizbullah gets their funding and arms from, you guessed it, Iran and Syria.

Just exactly who do you think my redneck president is going to hold accountable?

Unfortunately, way too many people in this region will bear the brunt of his wrath and they don't deserve it. The shitheads that think violence against America and her allies works are insane.

Iraq's Prime Minister keeps bitching about Syrian interference over it's borders and America will do just about anything to keep the Jews out of the conflict, especially air strikes from those 2 carrier groups off the coast of Lebanon.

Cooler heads need to prevail and democratic reforms need to be pursued for all in the Middle-East. Picking a fight with the big dog is really stupid, especially when he is in a foul mood.


Mr Kerwick:

I agree with you completely. The fundamental difference, you see, is that you (and I) believe that democracy, freedom, and expression are the antidote to humanity's problems, while a significant proportion of those in the Middle East believe it is Islam.

I have difficulty putting into words that sore idealism that requires altruism, belief, and honesty on behalf of every individual to produce social good. I suppose the roots of this conflict come from how beneficial such ideologies must seem in theory (communism, religion, patriotism), versus the problems that become apparent in their implementations. The ramifications extend far beyond the superficial endorsement and belief of them.

In other words, any "theory" that does not realize that recognizes only Society cannot be implemented successfully. The flaw comes with the personification of "society"--a workable, flexible, and strong society is one that is a network of individuals. "Society" must be dependent on the individual; individuals should not be tailored to the society.

Jack Naka

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