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June 01, 2005



Happy birthday ammar; may you live forever!


Someone killed someone in Lebanon and the repercusions were amazing.

Bryan Kerwick

Happy belated birthday my friend.

The despicable way those in power keep this country fighting amongst themselves is the only way they can retain power.

If the people ever rose up as one and decided their biggest enemy wasn't a different tribe, sect, religion or race but those bastards who cause anguish to all people in Syria, life could be different. Just go ask your neighbors in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine. Those places are just as diverse as yours but the subjugating bastards are either dead or in jail awaiting execution or hiding from the light of day. Peace can work if clearer, cooler heads prevail. You should at least try. If that don't work use guns.


A late happy birthday to one of the few voices of reason coming from your battered nation. No, it is not a selfish act to try to find happiness in the midst of despair, as long as it is not used as some sort of crutch for the entire coming year.
Stay strong my friend. The momentum of the irresistable force will soon meet the immovable object and SOMETHING has to give.

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