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June 04, 2005


Bryan Kerwick


Can't get you on the phone. Bashir won't answer either.

There are some who would not be subjugated. I will probably get whacked for this but it's time to say NO!

Bashir has lost his ever loving mind by the power drunk notion he has.What part of Don't piss off rednecks has he not understood?

People regardless of tribe, sect, religion or race want FREEDOM. They will have it! Palestinians don't have a country yet but they have freedom. Iraqi's don't have a Constitution yet but they have freedom. Afghani's got something they never had in 5,000 plus years. Lebanon which is Syria's bastard child has a shot at freedom. Why not Syria? A very diverse Nation with an incredible gene pool and some really intelligent people wanting some of this FREEDOM stuff. Why not?

The crackdown on thought as well as the firing of scuds is a death wish. Does Bashir and friends really think Anglophones won't hold him responsible? Iran can't help him.

Australia, my little brother, is about to break his foot off in Iran's ass. The Mullahs are about to get a reality check and they are not gonna like it.

What amazes me is that Bashir knows these people. They do this on principle. No oil, so what. Thats got nothing to do with it. FREEDOM does.

There is no chance at all that subjugators will prevail. Anglophones got bigger guns.We also got bigger balls, backbones and hearts. Something the French have none of.Neither do the Russians or Germans. The UN won/t stop FREEDOM. They will try but will fail miserably. Anglophones won't tolerate that nonsense.

Syrians could have it all. FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and stability.

Amman mt brother, it's time. This don't come free but I'll help pay for it. You deserve better. So does your country. It's time.


Why don't you fight for freedom in the USA Bryan? Why is Syria your business ?


Honestly, Ammar, things in the Middle East in general have looked very bleak from this part of the world for a long time. I have found it uplifting and stimulating that the status quo of despots holding their people down in desperate attempts to hold on to individual powers has finally started dissolving. Granted, it took a little kick from the US, but, if it was solely a US thing, it wouldn't have lasted very long. What you are seeing now are those remaining despots either adjusting to the shrinking Earth or losing their grip. Although things are looking bad beyond anything I can imagine personally, what I do see is a light in the darkness. Things are changing in the Middle East. There's no denying that. If the people stand together and hold their heads high, that change will be for them, and for the better. Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and to some degree already, Syria, are showing signs of change. The US can't take credit for it all, it's too big. We can take credit for showing the people that there is a better way to live, but, without the will of the people, our efforts are futile and most of us know that.

The very fact that you are here is something a LOT of the world never expected. So, keep your head up, Syria is poised to be a major player in the Middle East. There's going to be a lot bad things happening for sure, change is always hard and always resisted. But, I honestly do have hopes for Syria. You all have a lot going for you, it's just a matter of enabling the people to make the decisions instead of a handful of leaders. When that does happen, it's your children and their children that will benefit. That's what this is all about. I will never personally benefit from a truly democratic Syria. So, it's easy to say I have no dog in this fight and I shouldn't care. But, for reasons I can't explain, I do. I want a better world for my son. And, as long as the Middle East is a powder keg repeatedly blowing up, and, sometimes blowing up here, my son's world will not be any better than mine was. So, if all I can do is encourage people to stand up for themselves, for their children, that is what I'll do.

I enjoy your blog and have it listed from my blog. I prefer getting things from the source. We get so much "interpreted" news here it's hard to really know what is going on in the world. I value your blog, the good and the bad news equally. If there's any way I can help you, in my very limited capabilities, never hesitate to ask.

And, please, don't give up.


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