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July 30, 2005



...And the moral of this story is: Never wear a pink shirt...EVER!!!


Ammar, thanks for sharing. I saw your picture in the latest Smithsonian magazine accompanying an article about reform in Syria. I shared it with a lot of friends. Thanks for what you do, and sorry it was such a typical travel experience.


Ammar, great blog, I really learned a lot about your viewpoint in it, and it really makes me think of you as a fellow human instead of a electronic sprite sent by the CIA ( they really get around) Keep it up and I'll try to pass around your site to make sure people get your perspective. Oh and if you ever meet Karfan ( at "syria exposed" give him a hug for me he needs it. Thanks for caring enough to share.
Oh Dan fellow Oklahoman here. Small world isn't it? between "syrian Comments" Oklahomans are making quite a show on the syrian circuit. I wonder why. is the earth red there too?


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