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July 02, 2005



Please keep posting. I live in Oklahoma and I read your blog.



What an absolutely incredible 'blog! Well worth a person's time to read, you put many people's thoughts into words...I'll definitely be back.


"Indeed I am alone, a world unto myself ."

Dear, you are not the only one but your or my aloneness does not make yours or mine less lonely.
One puts up with it.


I don't know if Syrians have mid-life crisis, but if you were U.S. I would say you are in one; a time of reassessing one's identity, career, and beliefs. Also body begins talking back, "If you overdo it physically, you will regret it."

Yael K

Hang in there! I always enjoy reading your blog, although perhaps enjoy is not the best word --it enlightens me, it makes me want to scream on your behalf, it makes me shake my head in wonder, it makes me slip into despair, but always, always it informs me and broadens my world-view.

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