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December 24, 2005



It just so happens that what you aspire for are things that will improve Syria in the long run--this is what aligns them with what is "patriotic."

You and I both realize, it seems, how empty nationalism truly is. We both share a hatred of ignorance when it manifests itself in blind patriotism and blind faith.

Nevertheless, it becomes a matter of utility. I, an American-Syrian Arab Muslim, must assess my utility outside of my own self. My ideals are universal, but it follows that it is easiest to make an advance in a specific area where these identifications mean something, where the sentiments of the people can be played upon, rather than another place where I can still have those ideals but can exert minimal influence.

Doing so is difficult to stomach. I suppose that is the personal struggle.

Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas to you, too (even though technically it's over), and blessings for the New Year.

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