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December 29, 2005



How would the lion-cub respond to the UN request for an interview in the Harriri probe? He is ,after all, the one that promised the UN free access to all potential Syrian witnesses.

Do you think that 1559 is the begining of a new kind of activism by the UN? I trust that it was the first UNSC resolution under chapter VII to give the international community the right to become a major player in the internal affairs of a member country?

This last development cannot but weaken further the grip of the Syrian Ba'ath.


Indeed Ghassan, I think 1559 was the real beginning of this crisis, and I believe is still gives the UN Security Council a broad mandate to help reshape the Lebanese internal scene, and by implications, the Syrian internal scene as well. This regime is cornered on all side. Bashar will not cooperate with the UN Team. A new showdown is looming, but Bashar and the regime are in afar weaker position now.

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