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January 21, 2006



I never thought that Bashar Assad was deft enough to save his neck but there was always the slim hope that he could influence the political dynamics of the region through a rapprochment with Israel. After Mr. Najads' visit this is very highly unlikely. Has Bashar Assad chosen to emulate Kim jongIl? Would Syria fare better than N. Korea?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur

So Assadson and Ahmadinejad met with Nasrallah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

What is this? A terror summit?


This is like the umpteenth rerun of a very old and bad show. They even pulled the plug on it last time. The stress on Israel throughout the speech and throughout the visit of Ahmadinejad is remarkable though, for its complete lack of imagination. It is also a sign of an inherent inability to come up with anything new.

It also, signify that the deeper in trouble this regime gets, the more willing it will be to stir up trouble with Israel. Reigniting the conflict with Israel might be something both regimes are willing to bet on, especially now, when Israel seems leaderless to them.

These are dangerous times indeed. Disaster could be around the corner.

Anton Efendi

First of all, I think the emphasis on Israel in general when it comes to Syria, badly misses the point. That's the original sin.

With regard to this speech in particular, he announced a requiem on the "peace process." Well, after knocking every possible door, from Egypt, to Saudi, all the way to the US to try to trap people with "peace talks" nonsense in order to keep Lebanon, it's about time he realized no one's interested.

The problem, though, as Ammar pointed out, is what this atually signifies, in terms of pulling the strings of Palestinian rejectionists. If he's stupid enough to think that this is the time to strike at Israel, then I really pity the Syrian people, for this is NOT the time. In fact, it's precisely the wrong time to pull such a stunt. Given his incredible stupidity and recklessness, it may be exactly what he'll do. Apparently he hasn't heard Mofaz. If this idiot thinks that he has the Hezbollah rockets for leverage, then he may just have dragged us down the sewer with him.


This is excactly what he might just accomplish Anton.

quest trust

Now, call the guy what ever you like but I think he is now behaving according to Pavlov experiments. He is cornered and the only things he can do is to divert the attention into another direction, and what better one than the one direction which they have milk it all these years. This will do the trick because it put pressure not only on Syrian people but also on Arab’s countries as well. Success is quarantined against all parties unless the big guys know how to play it.

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