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January 16, 2006



Civil disobedience is the most effective tool of bringing about change aimed at creating social jusice. It is not acceptable to use violent means in order to attain a "peaceful and nonviolent end".

As Martin Luther King Jr has preached by borrowing from Gandhi, Thoreau and Augustine a citizen must see it as his/her duty to oppose injustice and unjust laws in all spheres. "An unjust law is no law at all" and those who show the courage to resist these laws must do so with the clear understanding that there is a price to be paid for their disobedience and they must be willing to accept it. Until and unless the Syrian citizen develops such courage then the possibilities of having a peacful change in Syria will be very much reduced.


If there is some sort of mass protest in the streets against corruption, I think it should be spearheaded by a group of maybe 20-30 people who actually care, and in the back just people chanting "Bil Dam, Bil Roh, Nafdeek ya...." to give off the appearance to those watching from a certain angle that the masses have risen. Besides, with that cry in the back, it will be easy to snag a few followers here and there because they'd already be used to it.


Thanks for the advice guys. But before we go into the Street, we have to develop some better understanding of what short term and long term goals are, and a clearer understanding of what strategies need to be deployed, and when. We have to start with something simple and not too demanding, physically or psychologically. People have to be broken out of their old habits of fear and recalcitrance and into the new habit of confrontation, no matter how peaceful this confrontation is. I’d welcome more input on this.


I have always interpreted the hyperlink at the end of a post very literally. I understood "Comment" to be just that. Definetly it never crossed my mind that "comment" meant advice.I will never pretend to be dispensing advice in these comments. To me its nothing more than sharing some thoughts and engaing in a dialogue.


Well, then, Ghassan, please continue to share your thoughts and comments with us, I do value them however they are labeled and I do appreciate your taking the time to share them.


well how about you go to syria and demonstrate. Its easy for you to ask for such demonstrations sitting up in maryland without witnessing its effects or consequences. I assume if anything happens, you will simply fly back "home."


I was in Syria not a few months ago making similar calls, putting my life and that of my family on the line. The problem is that very few people showed much receptivity to the idea, and the authorities managed to isolate me and my team easily enough, I have to admit, and I had to leave the country under very credible threats. If you read my early blogs, you'll know what I am talking about.

So, yes, I am now safe in Maryland, and the situation is getting worse back home, and civil disobedience is our only way for dealing with it while avoiding violence, to the best of our abilities of course.

Sorry, but the obvious truth of no sacrifice no freedom holds true wherever one happens to be. I cannot change my views just because I am not “there” anymore. There are so many friends and family members there I don’t see how much difference my being here really makes. There are still a lot of ways I can be hurt even while here.

Between the cruelty of our ruling regime, the cynicism of our cowed populations, and the corruption of so many segments of our society, it seems much easier to pick on someone like me, doesn’t it? I am the traitor, I am the opportunist, I am the profiteer, and the people and the regime and the homeland are the victims of the conspiracies that the likes of me continues to hatch.

So be it. I knew I was getting myself into. I walked onto this scene willingly and with my eyes wide open. Believe me, I am probably more stupid than an opportunist.

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