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January 23, 2006


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur

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You are absolutely right...

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur

Excellent! We agree on the fact that the regime in general and Bashar in particular are responsible for this mess ! At least you do not subscribe to Joshua Landis' latest post in which he said that Jumblat & the Lebanese were to blame for this political fiasco!


That's a pretty accurate explanation and i totally agree with you. Do you realize that since he came to power its just been an era of "nothingness" as i'd like to put it, at least on the internal front. Really, nothing goes on, all the decrees are never implemented because of corruption and the fact that power is concentrated within a very few hands. Then you read on SANA that a friendship agreement was signed with Sudan, and the arab parliament held a session asserting the syrian people's rights blah blah blah blah!!! For fuck's sake, do we have to live with that shit for another 30, 40 years? It is really absurd the people won't rise up, even violently i mean. Let's be hoenst here, we are a pretty wild population, have you seen Syrians fight? why can't they take their rage on this regime for a change? The only way its do-able in our country is if all the Sheikhs on friday tell the people to rebel, they will.



To be honest, this was really lame.

First, never go to a fight unprepared...

Second, you want the shieks to ask the people to rebel? are you grazy? don't you remeber what happened in the 80s?

Bashar would love to see that happen again, he will crush it, and will secure 30 more years in power like his dad did.

you re really stupid


i don't think i made my point clear enough and you ended up calling me stupid. Do you really think i would advocate the sheikhs to do such a thing? the last thing on my mind is to bring religious affiliates into government. I was just saying that this seems the only way the people will actually mobilize, i'm against it, but i think its reality. When Keftaro issued a fatwa telling people to go fight in IRAQ (yes i know it was with government backing), the people reacted and did as they were told. It's sad that these are facts, the problem is we can't find a way to communicate to the masses cuz clearly the media is in their hands.



Thanks for making your point clearer.

It will take time before the syrians learn how to speak up. we need to make noise and keep making noise.

I take "stupid" back.

Abu Takla

I could not possibly agree more with you.
Your analysis is always impressive.

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