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January 20, 2006



Quite an insight into Iran and its intentions Ammar, important to see you elaborate on that. Frankly, one must stop and think to himself, what on earth does Bashar think he is doing? Making the wrong allies at the wrong time, i mean sure Syria needs some friend in this world, but give me a break, IRAN?! The pressure is only steadily increasing against Syria and the truth is, no one is loosing other than the quite masses who choose to fall into the regime's trap. Tommorow he will blabber on television and certainly talk about a few conspiracies and zionism. He will definately mention something about reform to gain public support. It will probably come in the usual form of "reform is a car that needs a good engine", trying to outsmart us with his analogies. I truly think its a hopeless case now, although at one point i must say i loved the guy, i had the conviction that he truly wanted change. I think the biggest problem is the fact that his survival depends on the few mafia gangs who control the army like his bro, cousin and daddy's friends. However one has to push and just try something, although totalitarian regimes can never reform themselves, period.

I was just reading the previous posts by others about sending a letter to the ambassador etc, pretty good idea, i would gladly sign it.


Hey Ammar, what do you think of Chirac comments on France going nuclear if atttacked by terrorsist on French soil.

Don Cox

"After all, he is not his own man, and should he develop ideas along these lines, he will probably be removed from the scene, one way or another."_____They used to say that about Hitler when ne first came to power. Don't underestimate the ability of a ruthless idiot to destroy his enemies.___Don Cox

Papa Ray

One interesting development (that is still developing) is the Democrats (led by Hillery) are pushing harsh and condemning retorts, re: Iran.

This is for the voters I am sure, so that no matter what happens, they can say, "I told you so".

I think we are going to see what Bush is made of in the next few months. The one thing I believe, is that he knows all his available choices are bad.

Lets hope he can choose one, that gets the desired results, without killing millions.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Indeed Don, that is possible, but that would a real scary thing. Let's hope it isn't so, albeit we'd better prepare for the worst, just in case.

King, I have no idea what to make of Chirac's statements. I hope people stop speaking about using nuclear weapons for anything. But, you know human nature, sooner or later, and for whatever reason, someone is going use these things, again. Humanity is not in the habit of keeping its weapons idle forever.


PapaRay: "Lets hope he can choose one, that gets the desired results, without killing millions."


US Citizen

I hope that there is enought intelligent, conservative views inside the borders of Syria and Iran to curb their own governments intentions. (Whether they be just verbal or they materialize.)Because I know that if they do materialize there will be swift military action by at least my country (US). And this I believe, although necessary, cannot be good for anyone. As an American I truly apprecitate the intelligent insight carried in these blogs. It is easy to forget about the intelligent people in your societies just by watching the news portray your leaders.


Thanks US Citizen.

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