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February 25, 2006



The whithering away of the state and the rise of cosmopolitanism will prove to be most effective tools of liberation during the twenty first century.


I don't think most Americans would be offended by your view. Yes, some would be, but only in the sense that as a rule the US is one of the few places in the world that hasn't had almost continuous internal strife, corruption, etc. At least not to the extreme most others have had. Its not unreasonable to take pride in the fact that, with the exception of some people that want to turn the clock back 200-300 years to less tolerant times, for the most part we manage to coexist with people with such diverse views of the world that some practically live in their own alternate universes. There is pride held in that, even by the same morons that want to undermine it by declaring some people as simply "too strange or different", to allow.

Nationalism? Bullshit. If some other place on the planet provided similar opertunity to live, learn, think and believe what they wanted, with less stupid people trying to screw it up, 80% of the country would probably move their within a year. There are some with "parts" of what the US manages, like Australia, but there is a price in things lost for moving to them.

If there is a desire most of us have to see the rest of the world more like us, its that we recognize that is easy for a *government* to make mistakes, but very hard for people to transcend the limits of the world they where born into or make their *own* mistakes, without the freedom to tell the government to kiss their ass. And that is something even many other democracies won't abide, due to who formed it and how it was defined.

If there is a manifest destiny, it is for everyone to eventually gain the ability to "choose" how little or much freedom they get. Unfortunately, once in a while you get some dipshit like Bush, who thinks manifest destiny means "his" narrow vision of freedom is what everyone needs and more specifically, that you can "force" someone into achieving it. Two problems - 1) people won't gain it until they are ready for it, even if you *can* give them a serious push in the right direction (though ironically, some morons think getting 20% there isn't good enough either, eg Iraq's new government), and 2) there is a whole lot about Bush's idea of what freedom means and what people should have to give up to get it, that I absolutely abhore. So does more than half of America, but its a lot harder to impeach someone than simply elect a replacement and a whole hell of a lot harder to elect someone else, if the only options you have are the devil himself, or a djinni who wants you to let him out of the bottle, with promises that he won't trick you if you do. That is why Bush got re-elected.

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