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February 16, 2006



And create mayhem they will. It does not look as if there is a coherent policy of any kind. The regime is just oscillating , reacting to events and buying time.When they go down they want to take down with them as much and as many as possible. That will be their revenge. The current regime is beyond salvation.


I agree with Ghassan, it seems to me that Assad will not be the only one to jump ship rather he will bring the whole ship down with him. I just hope that Syria as a whole is able to grab onto a inner tube and hold on for dear life. Not that I am a fan of Papa Assad, but isnt almost ashame that Baby Assad has ruined everything in 5 years what his father spent building for 30. Talk about handing the family business over to the child most likely to fcuk it up.


Ammar, I read a article from Christopher Dickey of Newsweek that Jumblatt is a "Dead Man Waiting." With all the hell Syria has caught for killing Hariri, do you honestly thinking that the Syrians will have the nerve to kill Jumblatt and if so, what will DC, Paris, & Riyadh do.


Everything is possible with this regime KD. Albeit, we do have to point out now that Jumblatt does have other enemies, and he may even have some internal challengers as well. Having opened Pandora's Box with the Hariri assassination, Bashar & Co. may not be responsible IN A DIRECT MANNER for ordering and orchestrating every act of assassination that might still take place in Lebanon.
This is indeed THE REAL PROBLEM with which the Lebanese people have to deal.

The seeds of mayhem have already been sown, and the cauldron is being slowly brought to a boil, again, internal mechanisms are now at work. Bashar & Co. are still involved in this, but they are not the only players on the scene now. Even their own allies seem to be acting independently now using their support of Syria as an instrument to further their own particular goals, which may not necessarily be commensurate with those of the Syria regime.


So to some degree even if Assad cant rein in pro Syrian Lebanese collaborators in Lebanon, he will still get blamed for any malicious acts that go on. If thats the case then isnt he damed of he does and damned if he doesnt?

quest trust

Changing mood from optimism of finding the ways to combat the regime through the economic need of the people to a gloomy one due to putting pressure on the dissents is not helpful. Going into the road of liberation is not going to be easy one. Putting pressure on the league of democrat and placing a war government should be expected. in fact the first real protest from the chicken farmer should be looked at as the first step in a healthy direction championed by those farmers. The next step is begins by encouraging another sector of the society to make his move. In conclusion things are moving in positive direction. This is may be one the positive part of the cartoon protest staged by the government. Let them taste their action.


KD, he is damned period.

Quest, my new post might interest you.

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