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February 14, 2006



I freely admit that I am a hopeless neo Hegalian. As a result , I am unable to understand and internalise most phenomenon without subjecting them to a dialectical approach. That is why I am in full agreement with your expressed view regarding Political Islam.
It arose as a logical historical necessity to the world development s over the past 150 years or so. Once we view it as such then the so called war on terror and the questions of what we could have done to avoid 9/11 become naieve. A clear understanding of how history unfolds suggests that the apparent conflict between Political Islam and democratic institutions will be resolved by a total defeat of the Islamists vision since it is not forward looking. This does not imply a passivist outlook but it says that we should follow a policy of containment and not confrontation.

May I also suggest the view that we are born free and it is society that makes it posiible to unlearn these freedoms.


The major problem is deeply rooted within syrias society and its family structures. The paternalistic society will always be represented by dictators. He rules in the same way as the leader in extended tribal families does. If children learn to obey, finally they obey in any case without thinking.

The father again punished his heretical kids and jailed them.
Read Franz Kafkas Letter To The Father.


Gina, for a person whose own writing style has been occasionally described as Kafkaesque, I really need to brush up on my Kafka, thank you for reminding me.


It's depressing but I have a horrible feeling that you are right. The trouble is that time is not on your side. If Syria were to go through a period of radical Islam, sure it would all end in disaster, but how long would it take to get it out of the system. Optimistically 10 years, but if you loook at the Iranians (whose mismanagement has admittedly been underwritten by oil) they have been at it for over 30 years now and look set to sink deeper into the abyss before any potential recovery. People in the ME seem to take a long view of history , not so surprising given things have gone so slowlu there, but the rest of the world is speeding up, in 20-30 years IT developments may well have transformed the world inb a way which makes the issues that people in the ME tend to focus on irrelevant.

In any cade, many thanks for an excellent Blog


Thank you for your comment, Wade, and I definitely agree with the gist of your argument, we will surely be overtaken by events all around us, and in our midst. Still mentalities cannot change overnight no matter what. That is our dilemma.

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