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March 08, 2006



Deepest sympathies, Ammar. I hope your mother has a swift recovery.


(1) I wish your freind and mother a speedy recovery. I can relate , somewhat to your situation as I have a colleague who is currently undergoing an aggresive chemo regiment and my old mother is 4000 miles away.
(2) The world is a much better place when there are those that would rather live by some principles that are costly rather than just exist. My admiration to all of you.


I hope your mother and friend feels better soon. Be proud man, you are on the right path; I hope in the near future your hard work will flirt with a “Damascus Summer” !!

The Syrian Brit

My sincere wishes for your Mother's quick recovery.. My heart-felt sympathy for your concerns over your friend's illness. I sincerely hope that chemotherapy would result in a quick and long-lasting remission..
There is no doubt in my mind that the hardest thing about having chosen to live abroad is embodied in the emotions that you have posted.. The conflict between longing to spread your wings and fly, free from oppression and false limitations, and the sense of duty and love and commitment that most of us have towards those left behind...
Damn that oppressive regime that forces us to choose one over the other.. I just hope that I would see the day when people like you and me would be able to enjoy both freedom and hope, AND closeness to those we care about..


Thank you all so very much for your encouraging comments and sympathy. I do feel refreshed somehow. Indeed, I am sure my mother will do well, eventually. Bones take time to heel at her age. But I talked to her earlier today, and she sounded quite fine, and as strong willed as ever.

I just hope that my friend's treatment will also go well.

Agai though, thanks for your kind words.

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