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April 19, 2006


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur

I'd pray for them, but I am becoming more and more heretical myself. So I'll hope for the best.


I hope they are fine and released ASAP.

Somehow our people are not very concerned with things like that.

In Leb Muhamad Moghrabi is of course in less danger than Ali and his sons, but still an egregious violation goes little noticed.

You are better off being abducted by the Israelis, cuz then Al Jaz will raise bloody hell for you, and mobs will burn an embassy for you.

Also, if only we could get Israel to bomb Darfur, maybe somebody would be outraged and vocal in the arab world.


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We ALL MUST help with this matter, the above issue is a national matter, and we shouldn’t allow it to be kept at the personal level. .
We all know the regime is testing the water by increasing the pressure on the oppositions, if they see it tolerable, they will go farther then just disregarding of the basic human rights in Syria.
... Come-on Syrians...!!!! What happened to you? Will you ever be able to wakeup?


To stand aside and acquiesce is morally bankrupt. To be silent is to be an accessory.Civilized people should not and cannot allow the ostrich factor to dominate their moral calculus.

Ammar, such an issue goes right to the essence of who we are, I trust that enough people will view such concerns as bipartisan/multipartisan issues and we must find a way of expressing clear and vocal support for these victims? Any specific suggestions or recommendations for any kind of action will be appreciated.

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