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April 07, 2006



Your words of wisdom, I mean "pearls of folly" have been sorely missed. I wish you the best of success in both the political as well as the health project.
This is not a recommendation but I only offer this anecdote only to let you know that this drop in blood pressure is not as rare as you might think. A clleague of mine, who is a happy go lucky type of person, felt weak and then passed away in class. The doctors recommended a can of Campbell Tomato soup. It really did the trick!!!

Ecce Libanus



Ammar I hope the turning fourty next month has nothing to do with it...

Just go watch Austin Powers or something.



Salamtak, take a good care of youself:)


Thank you very much, my friends. Tomato soup and Austin Powers? Now this is a really cool prescription, I shall have no problem following it, in due course of time.


I hope you will feel better soon,
Possibly home Sick symptoms!!

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