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April 24, 2006


Anton Efendi

Indeed, and this,a s evident from Olmert's recent remarks, may do it for the Israelis.

I have said this in my article on Syrian-Saudi relations after Hariri, which was written even before the Saudis advised their Lebanese allies against calling for regime change in Syria. Bashar moved to the Iranian camp immediately after killing Hariri -- the next day to be precise. The first call was to Tehran. This leads me to believe that he indeed had thought this through before killing Hariri. In other words, Bashar has been planning this move for quite a while.

I've said on my blog (see my latest post) that Bashar is now Iran's client/proxy, and he's completely turned his back on both Europe and the Arabs. Therefore, the Saudi attempts at squaring the circle with him, to woo him away from Iran, are truly misguided.

There are some signs of awareness, and supposedly Jumblat did his part during his visit to KSA, but we're yet to see what if anything this will do with the Saudis. Not that I'm relying on them for anything, but at least to stop behaving as if Bashar can be brought back to the Arab fold. He can't. Anyone with half a brain that can analyze his choices and his patterns of behavior can see this very clearly.

Bashar has long been playing a zero sum game. The only way to play that is as a proxy/client of Iran's.

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