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May 25, 2006


Anton Efendi

But you forget, Ammar. It was all worth it. This regime provided "security," and as such, "[t]his is something that Syrians can be very proud of. It is something worth protecting."

God I love sleazy, dishonest, propagandist apologist for thugs and killers. Where would we be without "experts"?


Kudos to Bounni and Kilo and all the others. You can't help but think that this regime helped the volcano of anger erupt. Ths iwould be analysed in history as the breaking moment of this regime.



Also, We need to put ourselves on the map litterarely to increase awarness globaly to our issues. I just created a new community site (group map) on frappr which allows people to join, put their names and pictures and their map location.

The site is still in the early phases and I need to customize it better, put some links, and create some forums etc…you can also give me somefeedback from there, but it is very modern and offers us high tech tools. So let's use it and show our freedom power.

Join now for a Free Better Syria and Lebanon



"Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow."


To all,

Check this is out:


I thought it is interesting.


Fares, I like your enthusiasm, keep it up. The flappr site really has potential.

Anonymous, the Assad family site is also interesting. I wonder who is behind it.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in this little exchange over my post on the ongoing attempts to shut down the Damascus Community School.

Bettina Schoeller

I met Anwar Al-Bounni in November last year in Damascus and I was very impressed by his courage. I would like to publish an Interview taht I did with him and I am looking for some Information. Does anybody know where Anwar Al-Bounni is now? Is he still in prison or is he released? Do you have the name of the prison? I would be very happy to get some information.
Thanks, Bettian Schoeller

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