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June 28, 2006



Down with Baath and With Assad...Hell awaits them pretty soon...Syrians time to stand up and say ENOUGH

Anton Efendi

A new travel ban on Suheir Atassi.

Also, there was one earlier on Lu'ay Hussein and Haitham al-Maleh. See here.

Abu Kareem

Having heard the courageous Radwan Ziadeh speak recently in Chicago, I can empathize. This regime's depravity knows no limit. How can they treat such a gentle and unassuming man like a criminal?


You are right, these capricious acts on the part of the Syrian Ba'ath are nothing less that acts that will eventually backfire by unleaching a strong public uprising. I do hope that when ; and not if; the time comes enough people will have the common sense to control their emotions and instincts in order to demonstrate that not all are as vicious and depraved as the Assads. The last thing that we need is a blood bath.


Does anyone have any suggestions about civil disobedience or any other action in the US that could embarres the Syrian government and highlight the plight of the detainees. We need to do something, anything and not just stand by.


Indeed. But this upping of the ante on all sides is rather worrying and provocative. It's as if they are begging for a strike.


Ghassan, I have had a negative experience so far trying to rally the local community for undertaking this kind of action. Fear is a factor here as well.


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Indeed, Anonymous. I got asked for my email on several occasions. It is: ammarATamarji.org.


Thanks for Zenobia for her inspirational story...
Syrian Dead Canaries

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