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June 28, 2006



Well written Ammar...It is good to see baby Assad know what humilation means, just like he keeps humilating ordinary people for nothing they have done...

If Michel Kilo was free he would be the first one to condemn and write against this Isreali message...but now even myself for the first time ever I applaud an israeli action...

Israel by this action has shown that it does not want to harm Syria...time for Syrians to pick the message up and stop supporting radicals and terrorists and pump the nation against an enemy that they know they can't do anything against.

Again Ammar very well argumented and congrats for writing such a courageous article...

it was funny to see the face of the smily and happy ambassador on CNN trying to dodge the subject anyway he can just like a clown.
I wish he was asked about the prisoners in Syria, he will say again it is Israel that causes all these problems, Syria is not involved in anything what so ever...Khaled Mishaal is just a PR figure, very peaceful...this time he did not have the chance to attck any lebanese...

Free Michel Kilo so Syrians can stand behind their president sorry son of a dictator


Nice analogies Ammar (Nam, Afgh. etc).

Of course, no one will believe that the PCLG (Popular Committee for the Liberation of the Golan) will be allowed to do anything of substance.

Though I predict it will split up very soon into different factions: PCLG-General Command, PCLG-7Harake Tas7i7ieh, PCLG-Mocha-lite, PCLG for Marxist Mothers...


my new article:

adding logic into the Arab/Israeli conflict and arab leaders


Josey, my fear is that the state itself is close to splintering as well.


It has always been misguided to employ a policy of random violence in order to just make a point. Even if one is to assume that random violence is morally acceptable surely an action needs to be judged by its potential results. If I ride my bicycle into an on coming car then I might scratch the paint of the auto but injure myself and become a burden on my community. The totally ineffective attacks by Palestinian militants have hurt only the Palestinian community by causing giving the IDF the excuse to plunder , kill and create mayham. What is the alternative? Civil disobedience worked in India, it worked in the US, it worked in South Africa and it would work in Palestine.


Civil disobedience worked in Palestine as well during the First Intifadah, it got the Palestinians to the negotiating table with the Israelis, something that seemed unthinkable at one point. This inaugurated the entire peace process that lasted throughout the 90s. The failure of the pecea process has nothing to do with the nonviolence character of the intifadah, people should have simply fallen back on the deployment of the very methods that got the territories, that important first step, no matter how short it fell of everybody's expectations.

Don Cox

"The Vietnamese won their war against the Americans"____Or did they lose their war against the Communists?


Don, Point taken.

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