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June 02, 2006



Am I smelling the stench of sarcasm in your last 2 lines? ;)

I was the one who mentioned the links of the Russian port deals, Zarqawi calls etc. in the comment section of Josh’s previous post. And then emailed Josh Marwan's article and made the relation to the two. This said I definitely did not feel the port deal was anything more than a political balloon and I also don’t think Josh bought much of it either. It was just worth reporting. Ynetnews, UPI, DefenseNews.com and others also agree.



Thanks for this note Tarek, and no, no sarcasm is involved in my comments regarding Marwan. He very calmly debunked the whole rapprochement with the East phenomenon, and he did so in a manner that would keep him out of jail. Good for him. Not everyone has to end up in jail or exile you know to prove their worth.


Indeed, the Russian Defense Ministry has just denied the veracity of this idiotic report.

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