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June 14, 2006




I like your blog.

Consider listing it on Bluleb.


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Sorry I have not been able to contribute much lately. I am seeing little hope for Syria's chances of regime change or behavior change.

I am refocusing my efforts on demanding the freedom of the prisoners, we should all try to focus on this issue since it is a uniting issue and it would be a symbolic victory for Syria's liberals.

Thanks for your good words on the previous post. This is the new one
Syrians Show Compassion while the Regime Show Ugly Face

and yes your previous quotes on the issue are included.

Freedom for all the political prisoners of Syria



Great Job with this post. your work is greatly appreciated. One day the Assads will be down, let's just hope it is going to be near.

I have one suggestion though, to take off Tony Badrans link off of your blog.

Read Syria Comment and you will know why.

These neo-zionist needs to black-listed and Exposed. they are as dangerous to our interest as Israel or the Assads are...

I have been following your blog for while now, and I apreciate you being a cretic of the Assads.



The music is a great addition!

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