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June 26, 2006



Great Post Ammar, reading his comments does make me vomit, not to mention he earned today an NPR radio mention in the news about Lebanon's imaginery Al Qaeda presence. The guy is hallucinating or he is arming some groups and calling them Al Qaeda just like they armed the palestinians in the 70s to start a civil war for the world to call them militias and terrorists.

He must be trying really hard to destroy Lebanon or offer his services to the US, selling them public consumption talks... But his nose would be rally long now if it behaves like Pinocchio's nose, he certainly looks like him...

I just talked to someone who is currenly visiting Lebanon and they are having a blast in the trendy restaurents/cafes and shops, not to mention enjoying the international class beaches with beds and sofas on them (ultimate comfort) and great social scene...middle eastern really now how to live when given peace and open systems.

Can't wait to have the Israeli greenlight to remove this criminal family from power and open up Syria to be paradise once again.

For a better Syria
Freedom for Michel Kilo and other heroes

Zenobia of the East and West

hmm.. no need to jack off to Lebanon, is there.....?
btw, I think Lebanon has experienced every phenomenon there is, and there is every reason to believe that Al Qaeda exists there too..... especially if we really that Al Qaeda is also a state of mind....

Meanwhile, I didn't realize that some people think that the object of the noble goal of reform and 'freedom' ..is so that syrians can lay on sofas on "class" beaches. Whose 'wet dream' is this?
This specter of supposed paradise... kind of makes ME want to vomit.


Zenobia, I guess your name is fake because you are forgetting what Zenobia did for Palmyra-Tadmur, and how advanced and happy the people were...I am not calling for Syria to be Lebanon, Lebanon has a lot of problems and contradictions (my role now is not to attack the negatives there) but at least it has a chance to rival any civilization and quality of life...all because of the open System. Syria was like that in the 50s and between 61-63, look where we are now with the baathist and islamic mentality.

And yes enjoying the beach and being comfortable is not forbidden in a reformed system...if too much freedom is bad for you then you can enjoy the values that you seek in Saudi Arabia, Iran or parts of Egypt.


My above opinions are personal again, because I am not affiliated with any opposition or organization. I don't represent anyone, but I think I am on the very liberal side so I won't be a threat to anyone.

But it kills me when other people think that all arabs can do is ride camels or oppress women or be barbaric terrorists. While other civilizations (and I have traveled a lot) know how to live.

We Syrians can show the world how to live if given a chance!!!

As for Al Qaeda, it won't surprise me if it is in Lebanon, but then it exsits in Syria too and Assad is not trying to help Lebanon with his comments but he is trying to point them to be the bad guys. Talking about brotherly love...

Zenobia of the East and West

Dear Fares,
Actually I am sure we are not really that far apart in our views....

for one thing, I am supremely supportive of the quest for enforcing human rights... in syria.....

No, actually my name is NOT FAKE. It is REAL.
But, you know, Zenobia was not found basking on the beach or even in her salon taking baths of saffron and milk, like Cleopatra. At least according the myth, she is famous for riding on horseback to lead her own armies into battle!.... I would prefer to follow in these footsteps...... and yes it would be for the ultimate good of syrian to be able to enjoy high culture and lives of abundance.....

So, still, I do know what you mean.

What i don't about watching LBC music and pop culture and trendy nightclubs in Beirut (that are more LA than LA), is that this fetishizing of western style freedom...is a characature of freedom to my mind. To me, freedom means so much more.
But, after all, I am a liberal too....you know. So, if we are just talking about the need for Syrians to lighten up and have less absurd restraint on sexuality, more flexibilities in both their social norms and expectations of behavior,..well yes, then I am all for it.
I too have seen photos of my Damascene aunts dressed up in the late 50 early 60's ..looking absolutely smashing and strikingly like cool hip girls of the American late 50's (bouffant hairdoos and dresses!) I was thinking: WOW, so beau monde ....what the hell happened to all this playfulness!

I agree, that already, Syrians are supremely sociable people. I think they already have a lovely urban cafe and restaurant life. They just need to add some gender equality to it.
And I think the way the culture privileges conviviality, leisure time, and social graciousness is a reflection of its exceptional character. It is truly AUTHENTIC, in a way that in many instances the Beirutis seem to lack.

Ok, I think I'll go sunbath now, on my back porch, before getting in the hot tub. (that's what we do in california!)


That's what we do in Silver Spring, MD, too, that is, when it's not raining as it has been for the week. Damn, I mean what's the point of having a nice-looking pool in one's complex if all one can do is eye it sorrowfully from one's balcony?


Dammn you all sunbathers.While The frecking country ,Syria, is living in hell you crack jocks and personal shitty comments.Why dont you come and try live for a month here.I dare you.Iran will get Syria off the hook,and the regime will keep on keeping on screwing the syrian people.Mr Ammar why dont you use yout witts and charms with the u.s officials and explain to them why it is in their best intrest to rid the syrian of this tyrant.


Don't worry, dear anonymous, my occasional bouts of swimming and sunbathing aside, I actually spend most of my time working on Syria-related issues, and I constantly meet with US officials, though I believe change in Syria is our responsibility in the final analysis. As for living in Syria, it’s only been a few months since I left, and believe me, I know the kind of hell we are living in there.


Thanks for Zenobia for her inspirational story...
Syrian Dead Canaries

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