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June 01, 2006



If this happens, It's gonna be lovely!


I indeed hope so Yaman.


it's more like YaZan.

but, the thing is, I still havent seen any kind of promotion for it, through any news site, or even the blogsphere, the Lebanese, nor the Syrian nor the Egyprian...!!!


Sorry, Yazan, there is a Yaman here as well, hence the confusion.

Indeed, we haven't advertised this before, we were finalizing certain details first. But now we are ready to spread the word.

Zenobia of the East and West

In organizational terms, this is extremely short notice, don't you think?

I realize you are trying to time it to the release of the Brammertz report (something that i think might end up being completely anti-climactic anyway) but still... this is hard to pull off with only essentially two weeks. It limits already then the type of persons who can attend on such short notice.
I hope your networks are very very effective then.

I mean, christ, I can't even hold a afternoon luncheon on two weeks notice and get all my friends to show up!

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