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June 04, 2006


The Syrian Brit

God help us all.. As you said, Ammar, it seems we are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.. (or rather, damned if THEY do, and damned if THEY don't!!..).. It seems to me, though, that the People of Syria are largely disinterested.. I said on previous occasions, it seems people still have something to fear for.. something to lose if things change.. and unless they can see what they will gain from such change, or unless they truly have nothing more to lose(and, let's face it, the Regime has been very clever in just about stopping matters reaching that stage for the people!..)no-one will rise.. and if the people do not have the will to rise, no amount of 'external' pushing and prodding will make any difference... Change must come from within.. with or without help from outside, it must originate from within..
But whatever happens, I'm afraid I, too, cannot see a way that does not pass through the darkest hole in Hell..
From a tired, despondent, and sleep-deprived Syrian Brit


But I haven’t heard of a people who have become self-aware without going through hell first.

Well, that's certainly what happened to Jews about 2000 years ago, the Spanish seventy years ago, and the Germans sixty years ago. But with enough courage and education, perhaps such a stage (or relapse) can be avoided.

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