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July 26, 2006



Great post Ammar, I was thinking the same way about France. The Syrian regime has expired and I think France will ensure that a transition happens pretty soon.

The regime has commited grave mistakes regarding Lebanon and also how to deal with the Americans as well as choosing a looser Ally like Iran. There is no cold war anymore but it seems like people in the ruling circles as well as blind supporters of the regime still think that there is still the soviet union to clean up all kind of messes.

I think if Israel continue to suffer more losses, they will score a political victory by bombing Assad's palaces and Assad won't be able to retaliate and that could be a good reason for a military coup by someone in the army which will be given cover by France.

Assad senior survived with France's approval, junior came to power with the help of France. Junior turned out to be an idiot and he will pay a heavy price for his stupidity and for burning up LEBANON.


Hezbollah will be defeated in southern Lebanon and that alone should be enough to assure Assad’s demise. When all is said and done Israel will have done the world a great service, as they did when they took out Saddam’s nuclear reactor. The international community will soundly criticize Israel while silently cheering it on. A Lebanon free of Hezbollah is the best outcome for that will insure that Iran and Syria will no longer be able to extort the Lebanese government or its people. One step at a time, the world is getting smaller and smaller for Middle Eastern tyrants; my hope is that Syria will soon rid itself of theirs. Amarji and others like him shall lead the way.

M. Simon

I'm an Israel supporter. Surprisingly (or not) I agree with Fares on the way out of the current mess.

My hope is that at some point all the countries in the region will see that putting an end to all the stupid wars and starting encouragement of commerce will benefit every one.

The question is: how to gain sense and damp out the hate.


Nasralla is getting screwed by Iran
PEACE To Lebanon

Ammar, let me know what you think, your comments are most welcome, you can leave me private feedback as well to faressyria1@yahoo.com

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