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July 29, 2006



The birth pangs Condi spoke of sound more like the coming miscarriage.


If we as a people don't act, and just keep on receiving other people's actions, whether those of our ruling elite or those of "outsiders," then this is exactly what the case will be. For, while it is true that action undertaken by "ignorant" people or people who have been "ignorized" is not likely to lead to any positive results, if left unmanaged, it is nonetheless, a necessary prelude and requirement for bringing about positive change and progress in due course of time (think decades here). Whatever the case may be, we are unlikely to escape the violence.

But then, insisting on safety at whatever cost will condemn people to life in a worn-out cage, where there, too, their safety can still be compromised at their masters’ whims and according to their continuingly shifting interests and calculations. There are no guarantees as far as change is concerned, and people in such existential dilemmas have nothing but their lives to gamble with.

Only inspiring leaders can help check the possibility for violence, and the violence itself, but where are we supposed to find them? And how can we impose them, rather, how can they impose themselves, on the scene where everything that needs to be said runs contrary to our peoples’ basic wishes, desires and deeply-held beliefs and values, and all the national “constants” and myths that they have been raised upon?

On the other hand, perhaps when the real leaders emerge, they will know how to impose themselves on the scene and make themselves relevant to our lives. Meanwhile, we just have to keep on wallowing under all the wrong ones.

So, Yaman, be a leader. Amr, you, too. And all the other young men and women reading this blog for whatever reason. For regardless of whether you agree or not, in fact, especially if you disagree with me, in the absence of real and credible leaders on the scene, you must see that there is no choice but for you, the younger generations, to rise to the challenge somehow.


Ammar, maybe its wishful thinking on my part but I have never doubted that the HA and OBL like minded people in the world cannot prevail in the longrun.

Homo sapiens will only evolve into a more reasonable and a better being, one with an expanded circle of ethics. The specie will not regress.


I'll agree with Ammar on this one.

I have been quite impressed with so many of the Syrian Bloggers. I would love to read more from you... culture, economics or politics.

Zenobia, Amr, Ghalia, Nafdik,

Fares, you're already everywhere, so I won't encourage you.

It is not a waste of time.

M. Simon

Ah yes. The ubiquitous Fares. LOL.

Well he is smart and reasonable. We could use many more like him.

The regime in Syria must be overthrown. Iran needs a government of the people.

Here is how I think it might happen in the next month or two.

Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy



I'm Sorry. Being new here, (strike one),American (Strike two), and Jewish (strike three- no it's a foul...) I need help in stepping my way through the minefield without tripping the mines.

So you are essentially saying that the "historic opportunity" IS STILL THE Same old rhetoric that we've had since the 1950's of DEFEATING the TRAGIC enemy (ISRAEL) and RECOVERING the lands.

To quote my grandmother.
Oy. Vey ist Meir (essentially, god help us!)
What is he thinking.

Am I correct that at least in this tiny online community this ISN't what people really think can happen?

Read my blog. Especially the last few posts on what we need to overcome the problems The POTUS has made in the 6 years he has been RULING the world.


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