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August 27, 2006



Nasrallah admits miscalculation:

حسن نصر الله: لو علمت بحجم رد إسرائيل لما خطفنا الجنديين

Philip I

I agree, they are buying time, but they are fooling no one.

Having said that, I have no problem with Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. She is surrounded by other nuclear powers such as Turkey (through NATO) and Pakistan. However, the Mullahs can keep their religeous and political doctrines to themselves. Syria's alliance with Iran benefits only the regime. The alliance has nothing to offer the Syrian people and it is therefore going nowhere.

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ghassan karam

I am not so sure that time is in favour of the Iran/Syria/HA/Hamas axis.
It seems to me that there is a golden opportunity to at least marginalise HA in Lebanon and for Fatah to regain some strength in the Palestinian authority. The Arab League should continue the pressure on isolating the Bashar dictatorship and the Security Council will have to be creative in limiting the Iranian ambitions. If the cards are played right, I see a glimmer of hope at the end of this tunnel. Maybe we will finally see a possible end to this unholy axis.


Phillip I,
The world cannot afford any more nuclear powers, not Iran, not N. Korea not anyone. What we really need is to step back from the abyss by adopting a program of de- nuclearization by everyone that possesses nuclear power. Unless the big powers start a program of giving up their nuclear weapons then I am afraid that there will be no convincing logic to either stop or even limit proliferation.


Ghassa Karam
i cant see any opportunity for at least fatah to regain strenght.
the palestenians who were silently killed while the world was busy with the recent war , are now hyphnotisized and blinded , as much as the rest of the arab world ,by what they grasp as the "victory" of hizballah.
nasrallah/najad are the new "heros" of the middle east , their posters are everywhere and this fundamental axes will only get strenghtend , after all those groups are fed by the public support.

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