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October 18, 2006




I thought you were opening an office for the Zionist Conspiracy Jew-Controlled National Monetary Arms Trading Anti-Muslim, Kept the Golan Memorial Fund?

Why did you sellout to the Brotherhood?

George Ajjan


In response to the press release from the illustrious Reform Party of Syria, you should have mentioned in more detail all the great work you have done on behalf of ethnic minorities such as the Caledonians.


Michel kilo is Finally Free

Thanks everyone for your support and your help in trying to release him.
This is a great day for Syria. Congratulations for everyone who is happy for the news.

Curt Hopkins

I trust this means you have not abandoned our plans for a Pentecostal Hillbilly Cross-Dressing Action League.

Zenobia of the East and West


I thought you were opening an office for the Zionist Conspiracy Jew-Controlled National Monetary Arms Trading Anti-Muslim, Kept the Golan Memorial Fund?

Why did you sellout to the Brotherhood?"



I know I should find some smart thing to say in this regard, but my growing troubles with the Brotherhood of Poneytailed Libertine Calidonians are proving rather dsitracting. But, it was interesting to see that this thing did not go unnoticed, David Schenker and Andrew Cochran of the Counter Terrorism Blog had a few comments in this regard.


Ammar, Nice publicity. These 2 guys did a great job investigating you and writing positive things about you.

I have a feeling that the Syrian reform party is bored and loosing influence and feeling a little left out so they are just trying to make some noise. Don't take it personal and don't let it bother you. Things like that are expected.

The Syrian Brit

This reminds me of an incident that happened many years ago, back when I was in Medical School in Damascus.. One of my classmates was arrested.. dragged out of the classroom.. He was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, and that was the reason he was arrested.
After a few months of interrogation (and, no doubt, a generous measure of torture!..), he was released, but only after he signed an undertaking that he will not join, support, or co-operate with the Muslim Brotherhood Party!!.. Hello?!.. Muslim Brotherhood??.. The man is a confirmed, self-confessed Communist, for God's sake!!.. Some things never change!!..


The real background story behind this development is now out in this article by the New York Sun.


Even though I do not sympathize with the Brotherhood, I don't see a problem with them having an office in America. What's the big deal?

What is "Occupation"

The Muslim Brotherhood...

"God is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations."

It's time to be intolerant to the intolerant.

There is no place on this world for the Muslim Brotherhood, other than a grave.

George Ajjan

Hell hath no wrath like Frank Ghadry scorned.


"A fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and an authority on the Levant, Tony Badran, told the Sun that it is significant that the Front is opening a Washington office. "Americans have not said they have met with members of the Front openly, but at the same time they have not said they would not meet with them," he said. "It would be a significant move if indeed if the Front got over its problems with having anything to do with America and are now reaching out to America."

Ammar: The office in washington will help facilitate future meetings with some big names. But if the NSF's friends and sympathizers are slowly becoming the same ones that Farid Ghadry has, then it is time to quit thinking about playing any role in Syria.

That of course does not apply to the brotherhood, they will go back to playing their real obvious role in Syrian politics... alone, with no "NSF"

George Ajjan


Remember, you are in a Republican primary. Tread carefully. Do not allow yourself to be sacrified by Khaddam/Bayanouni at the altar of conservatism so that they can throw "red meat" to the base.


Alex, George, points well-taken. Thank you for your advice.


Ammar, you as a writer and inspirer of new ideas to the new generation, your place is always should be the "underdogs". And as an admirer for your courage and your stands on liberty, this is what I wish for you.


There is danger in Surrender

I guess Michel Kilo is still in Jail. Need some creative art to cause an impact. Some people said I am only saying words, but together we can make a difference. Keeping Kilo in Jail will be very costly.

Ammar need your help!!!

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