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October 09, 2006




Many good points on quite a subject.

I would add that, my take, is there are a couple of other factors, both on extreme ends.

I would see a suicide bomber as an idealist who wants to show himself, his peers and God that he is the ultimate believer, ready to give it all for what he believes to be a very right act, approved and sactioned by the good Lord himself.

The one that doesn't get mentioned is the sucker. I have read interviews of parents whose suicide bomber kid was mentally retarded or severely learning disabled, utterly exploited by his monster handlers. This reminds me of a recent case in California where an autistic man was conned into supplying his car and being the driver on a buglary run. The people behind this type of bomber are the lowest of the low...the bottom of the pit.

Overall, this is cultism with all the features of a cult and your points are very well taken.


No. The way I understand it through my simple mind of double apostate, only the WEAK are driven to carry the suicides. The weak and bewildered, too afraid and too much a sloth to see the other option. The smart and powerful fights his "wind mills" with their own weapons, albeit wooden blades. And the lost is bound to find the path, eventually. As you said you did.
I only hope you didn't shoot anyone I know during your "active" years...

Don Cox

When the history of such organisations finally emerges, it always turns out that the "Inner Circle" is far from being the close team of inspired idealists that they appear to be to the lower members of the cult. The Inner Circle consists of a group of sociopaths who spend most of their time in political infighting and backstabbing among themselves.

Don Cox

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Ammar, I hope you are doing well, we need to start attacking the Baath party and discredit it more and more

I am interested in your opinion on the baath party of syria


Thanks for your note Don, problem corrected. Fares, great post my friend. Thanks for bringing it to our attention here.

Philip I

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Philip I

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Philip I


It hard enough to disentangle the mental processes and peer into the soul of normal people, let alone suicidal ones. But being a talented writer who was once blinded and intoxicated by devine illusions, you certainly bring an interesting perspective on this topic.

There are perhaps two other dimesions to suicidal behaviour that are worth mentioning; innocence and responsibility. No doubt experts have explored these in depth. Innocent teenagers who have grown up in slums simply have no concept of what adult life on earth can be like in its full glory, richness, freedom and pleasures. Their trainers and mentors paint such a picture for them in heaven rather than earth, or perhaps they develop such an illusion themselves.

Teenagers who have taken on adult responsibilities form a young age because of poverty or some other unfortunate circumstances (like looking after their younger brothers and sister or sick parents) feel profoundly loyal and reponsible for their families. I wonder if Saddam Hussein and others like him who offered substantial cash sums to the suicide bomber's family - enough to lift them out of poverty or guarantee the education of a sibling - might have been a motivating factor (among others) in some cases.


Jamous is out, who is next?

Leafless Eve

Very true Don Cox


What you have described is quite similar to what goes on in street gangs, at least in the US. They manipulate youthful idealism and greed, often using drugs and money as tools, and frequently use racism as a motivator. With the Islamic extremists, they use Islam.

I don't at all mean to insult Islam, but the misuse of religion. Otherwise, it's all quite similar, including excusing crime by religion, racism, or what have you.

It's so sad that many of these young people don't even realize they are making a choice. Troubled young people are too often very easily led.


Since there is a feeling of "brotherhood", I'm guessing that there is no hitting rock bottom. The further and longer that someone decides to take out their frustration in these forms, there is no going back? Any comments?

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