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February 04, 2007


Leafless Eve

He not only says it, he actually did loose one of his sons in battle, and didn't bat an eyelash. I think his name was Hadi. For me that's a sign of mental illness, not strength. But unfortunately, most Muslims think that the more faith you have, the more accepting you are of death in general, and of "martyrism" in particular. (Is martyrism a word?)


I think the word you are looking for is Martyrdom. And indeed, I do know about Hadi. So, indeed, Nasrallah is a man of his word, and that's the problem in this regard. There is a disconnect here that is all too real and all too scary. Indeed, the kind of ethos that Nasrallah represents is far more appealing to our people and has far greater popular resonance than any of our heresies at this stage. This is yet another sad manifestation of our current dilemma – people like Nasrallah are far more culturally relevant than we can ever be perhaps. Still, we have to try.


I, being the product of a free society, simply cannot imagine "sacrificing" any of my children for a cause that I, as the adult, believe in.
I recall when my children were very little having an almost primordial instinctive protection for my children. I would have given my life to protect these young souls.
This is one of the examples of why I think the western public in general is just not able to understand what is going on in the Middle East. I am not unusual by western standards in my attempt to protect my children. I think that those in the west that do not want to bend their brains too much simply cannot acknowledge the mindset that Nasrallah espouses and therefor, cannot engage in a dialogue about the psyche of the Middle East. In short, there isn't a single tool in their box that fits the nut that is the Middle East...

Philip I

If you believe in paradise and that you can earn yourself a one way ticket to the gates of heaven through self sacrifice or, more usually, the sacrifice of others, including your own children, you can practically justify any any cause and any action on earth.

As Ammar knows very well through his study of human history, warlords and religious leaders have always "sold" the idea of self sacrifice to the young, poor vulnerable and gullible by promising them eternal happiness while subjugating them in real life.


Ammar, can you please add Bashar's interviews so we could comment


Excellent Post Ammar, Short but powerfull and to the point.

Good Job. The people in our region give too much weight to thugs like Nasralla and company, the same leaders that destroy societies and prevent us from advancing.

While moderate reasonable people like Michel Kilo, Kamal or Aref are thrown away in jail and no one cares or gives a fukc


Faress,you said

The same leaders that destroy societies and prevent us from advancing.

That's is so true.
This phrase explain everythings about Asad regime.


either they lose their children to illegal Israeli cluster bombs and oppression or they lose their children to illegal Israeli cluster bombs and oppression while keeping their dignity.

blaming nasrallah and picking on his statements is merely identifying a symptom, while ignoring the illness.


There is no dignity in death, especially when it is made into a way of life with a certain ruling elite peddling it and benefiting from it. Nonviolence struggle can get you your land and preserve your dignity. But nonviolence will not serve the interests of the Nasrallahs of the world and their masters.

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