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February 20, 2007



Ammar, do you know if any members of the Makhlouf family live in Lebanon? especially ones who have close ties to Rami or others high up?



"انتحار الكاتب العراقي مهدي علي الراضي"


I wonder if one of your reader knows about law and tell us how the government of Syria can strip a citizen from his citizeship and what the international law say about this?


Dear Mr. Abdulhamid,
This is not a comment. I tried to find a way to contact you by your blog, but I coudn't.
Well, my name is Larissa, from Brazil, and I'm working to webjournal. I've a read an article of you about the Kareem's case and I would like to do an interview with you - id it's possible, I hope It is - about free opinion, internet, what it means, and of course, Middle East situation and Assad's Syria. Particularlly, I totally disagree of Assad's way to do politics but, whatever, It seems I'm the only one around here. Our president - a socialist president, Lula - in a visit to Syria ask, in a toast, "long life for the president (??????). Well, he's a dictator... long life makes sense...
It's very rare around here listening a person born in Syria makes political critic comments about the situation in there. So, it'll ve very interisting to listen you. If you can... I'd be very glad and thankful.
Sorry about my English mistakes... I try...
My best regards
Larissa Carneiro


Larissa, I can be reached at the following email:


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