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February 24, 2007



Yeah. That's the usual tactic in these cases, but in order to be successful at subversion, you have to show strength in the street, otherwise you won't be taken seriously.


Syrian Prisoners support Lebanon's Independence
Leading Syrian opposition figure Michel Kilo, who has been in custody since May, was brought before a military court on Tuesday on a charge on inciting prisoners to support the Beirut-Damascus Declaration, his lawyer said.
Kilo and Mahmoud Issa, a communist activist, were brought before a military court "on a charge of inciting prisoners to support the Beirut-Damascus declaration," Khalil Maatuk told Agence France Presse.

The petition, which both men have signed, calls for an overhaul of ties between the two states and for Syrian recognition of the independence of Lebanon, where Damascus was the major powerbroker for three decades until 2005.

They are charged with "publishing a political article or making a political speech with the aim of serving the propaganda of a party, an organization or a political group," the lawyer said.

It carries a possible five-year jail sentence.

The two men are also standing trial in a criminal court for "damaging to the image of the state," according to the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria.

They have been accused of provoking religious and racial dissent, insulting official institutions, trying to "weaken national sentiment," damaging the image of the state and exposing Syria to the danger of aggression.

The two trials will now run in parallel, said the lawyer.

Kilo and Issa, who were rounded up with eight other opposition figures, three of whom are still being held, lost appeals in December for charges of publishing false information and provoking dissent.

In court on Monday, Kilo defended the Beirut-Damascus declaration, which was signed by about 300 intellectuals and artists from Lebanon and Syria, as serving the interests of both countries.(AFP-Naharnet)


very interesting

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