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March 31, 2007



So, as it looks in this picture, the full man having a handshake with the half man. This is very significant; it illustrates how the autocrats are pragmatic, which in this case boarders on “immorality”. It also strips this president claim of having principles as outlined in his famous speech. If we know that principal is: an ethical declaration, this hand shake is violation of self ethics in public. This young president took him less than a year to show the world what is immorality mean. He slammed the King of being half man, after less than a year he visited the King’s country and shock hand with him. The funny and sad things about the dictator, that he insults others and his followers clap for him, then he shake hands with the one he insulted and his followers also clap for him. The moral high ground is always for those people like you Ammar, who stick to principals of revealing dissipation.

Ammar Abdulhamid

Thank you. :)


anonymous 9:51,
Man this is not the first time in Syria! I still remember the Father Lion declaring: "Our fight with Israel, is not a border issue, it is an Existential one!" that was at the same time when Anwar el Sadat was labeled a "Traitor," and the whole Arabic world was clapping besides the non-believing Syrians! Then, the "Existensial Fight" changed into... "The Battle of Peace" and we started negociating with Israel on border issues! ...The clapping never stoped.

You can forget about Moralities, especially if you are searching for it in a totalitarian regime like the Assads run. But what you should never forget is that people don't lose their memories, especially when the tables turn.


Completely agree Hamman.
Some time in the 80s I left Syria for good when the Father Assad started teaching the children in kindergartens the stupid clapping to celebrate his holiness. I could not stand this human tragedy anymore, I have managed to save myself till that time but Father Assad was aiming for my children. Now, I feel some obligation towards that generation I left and I will do what I can to help this generation. Which, makes me think how important Ammar’s campaign towards helping them. A whole generation needs to be cleansed from the dictator spill and brought back to human quad. Damming the dictator daily is the first step to shaken and waken this generation and to empower them to think of themselves as valuable as they should and to think of the dictator just a term servant for public not more. They should learn not to fear those big pictures of him, in the street or on SANA site, where whenever he sneezes, farts or meets someone, there is a big picture for him bigger than his real size. The baathis who have been shouting One nation with eternal message “Omah Arabia Wahedah Thato Resaleh Khaledah”, they never told the public what this message is? However they kept on shouting without defining the message for 44 years, and now people start realizing that stealing and crippling the present and the future of the country was the message. To see and watch a country like Dubai what they have done in the last 15 years with the help of our people, is heart breaking story for our beloved country Syria which can-not move one step in the right direction.

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