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April 07, 2007



"a backlash is to be expected"

I am not sure what "backlash" you think there will be but, other than what has already taken place in the U.S. press unfortunately, I don't expect any more backlash from this admin... The repub admin and the repub congress has just seemed to fall off the rails of what they told us years ago was the right thing to do. I guess it is just too hard to do now, much to many people's demise (and I do mean demise)....

The press has hammered Pelosi for her dog and pony show and, rightly so. I am not the only one that took extreme offense of her wearing a headscarf. That seems to be a rallying point (possibly her poor fashion sense has really brought this to light!) I simply can't imagine your mother wearing that horrible scarf!

I hate to tell you Ammar but, there was no coverage in the U.S. press of Pelosi snubbing human rights activists in Syria. Of course, you already know this, no coverage at all... That is not to say that pay back won't include her snubbing of them. But, it is rather late in the game for the admin to bring this up, news is a 24 hour thing, no one is going to go back to the Pelosi visit and talk about this on any major outlet.
Hells bells, she sat in some kind of counsel chair in the KSA that no native woman would be able to occupy and the press barely gave it a mention! The thing I did find odd about her visit to KSA was that she left the scarf in her luggage! Why was that and, why did the mysoginist bastards of KSA put up with an unveiled woman in their so called congress???
It is dark days Ammar, both for the Middle East and for the west. Just analyze what took place with the kidnapping of the Brit sailors and you can understand what a huge leap backwards we have taken.
I know what the prevailing winds are where I live. I have started to wonder what the prevailing winds are in various areas of the middle east.


تتكلم عن سفراء . هؤلاء ليسوا بسفراء , انهم لقاليق لكل من يعطيهم اوامر ولو من اصغر واتهف الناس كامثال رفيق وصديق وزير الخارجية.
عماد مصطفى وسامي الخيمي شخصيات مبتذلة خسيسة دنيئة.


It doesn't matter if Bush decides to "cease and desist." He will be gone in a year and a half.

And, like the commenter above, I would not expect the snubbing of democracy activists to become a public issue at all. I don't think this excludes the possibility of such a meeting with the opposition-in-exile, but I would not attribute such a meeting--were it to occur--as a sign of a backlash. Rather, it would be intended merely to convince the Assad's that the US would seriously abandon them if necessary, but with the intention of encouraging Assad regime's cooperation, NOT bolstering the opposition.


Ya Bush will be gone and Shirak will be gone but asad is for alabad.
enjoy that.
I am so happy for all the cowards that they
support the asad.
Look at them now at the joshua blogs they are so stupid,
actually they are the most stupid people on earth. they really are.
they are now calming down a little.
I wonder why?
maybe because they discover that fp is ap
or maybe alex is not getting any order from Imad Mustafa because he is in syria.
Any way is true that Joshua is in Syria.


Yes Anonymous Joshua in Syria, poor Alex they left him alone so he can comment on Josh blog.



Very nice


أيها الإخوة السوريون المتواجدين خارج الوطن الحبيب يا من خرجتم من الوطن هربا من البطش والرعب والظلم والقهر ويا من خرجتم سعيا للقمة العيش بعد أن سلب النظام الحاكم الوطن وخيراته يا من تعتصرون حزنا وألما لما حل بوطننا ولما وصل إليه الشعب من تجويع وتخويف واستبداد واستباحة لكرامته وخيراته في وضح النهار بشكل فرعوني فاق كل تصور
أيها ألإخوة الأعزاء أن إخوتكم في الوطن يدعونكم لمساندتهم ودعمهم لمواجهة حالة الهستريا التي يعيشها النظام الحاكم وقد بدأ بأسلوب التصفية الجسدية لمشاعل الحرية هؤلاء الأبطال الذين قدموا الغالي والرخيص لإ نقاذ الوطن وبشكل سلمي إن واجبنا يدعونا جميعا أن يكون موقفنا يوازي تضحياتهم وصمودهم العظيم ومن المؤسف أن أسلوب الشجب والاستنكار لم يعد مجديا وقد اعتاد النظام على هذا النوع من التعبير ولا يهمه ما يقال فيه وأنه يعتبر أن كل ما ازداد ت المطالبة الدولية بعدم خرق لحقوق الإنسان واحترام المواثيق والاتفاقيات الدولية كل ما ازداد بطشا واستباحة لها معتبرا أن هذا السلوك نابع من قوته وغطرسته وإنه لا يحق لأحد التدخل في شؤون الوطن الذي يعتبره( مزرعته ) وسط غياب المجتمع الدولي عن محاسبته ومن هذا الواقع الأليم ندعوكم أحزاب ومنظمات وأفراد لإتباع أساليب أكثر فائدة وأهمها اللجوء إلى القضاء في أوروبا وإقامة دعاوى بحق كل من يرتكب جرائم بحق الإنسانية أو خرق لحقوق الإ نسان علما أن المنظمات والجمعيات الحقوقية في الداخل لديها معرفة في كل ما يرتكب بحق المواطن السوري وهى لا تدخر جهد للوقوف إلى جانب ضحايا هذا النظام وأسرهم وكثيرا منهم قدم التضحيات الكثيرة وهم مفخرة للشعب السوري وأن مواقفهم إلى جانبنا محفورة في وجداننا أبناء وطني الغالي إن ما يتعرض له اليوم الإخوة الأفاضل في سجن عدرا هو تفنن بالقتل من قبل مدير السجن الذي تم اختياره لهذا الموقع ولهذا الهدف بعد أن كان رئيس لفرعي أمن بوقت واحد وتاريخه حافل بالجرائم والفساد وتربطه علاقة مميزة برأس النظام وإنني متأكد من أنه يقوم بعمل مبرمج لتصفية الدكتور كمال اللبواني والمحامي أنور البني والأستاذ ميشيل كيلو ونزار رستناوي والدكتور عارف دليله وحبيب صالح وهذا الحال ينطبق على باقي السجون المنتشرة في كل أرجاء الوطن إنني أوجه هذا النداء وكلي أمل أن نشد العزم طالبين الدعم والتأييد من الإخوة العرب ومن أحرارا لعالم لبدأ مرحلة جديدة من العمل وبأساليب جديدة بشكل سلمي وضمن قوانين البلدان التي تعيشون فيها وسوف يكون هذا العمل هام ومتمم لما يقومون به إخوتكم في الداخل سوآ كانوا في السجن الأصغر أو السجن الأكبر الذي يعيشونه وليعلم هؤلاء الجلادين أن حسابهم آتي قريبا إنشاء الله
عاشت سوريا عاش شعبها العظيم


محمد مأمون الحمصي


a translation?

Dear brothers Syrians living outside of your beloved homeland Chrjtm of the homeland to escape oppression and terror, injustice and oppression of the Loya Chrjtm order for the summit to live after the ruling that robbed the nation and its wealth of Tatasseron you sad and painful for our homeland and the solution of the status of the people starve, intimidation and despotism, shed for the dignity and wealth in broad daylight in a Pharaonic exceeded all imagine Dear brothers, dear brothers in the nation for their support and invite you to meet their lawful status experienced by the ruling regime has started in a physical liquidation of the heat liberty those heroes who have cherished and not cheap Nkaz homeland, in a peaceful way that is the duty of us all to be our position the equivalent of the great sacrifices and steadfastness It is regrettable that the style of denunciation and condemnation is no longer useful for the system has become accustomed to this type of expression does not care what is said and that is all that is the coordinates international claim that a violation of human rights and respect international charters and conventions all the aggressive and seize it, considering This behavior stems from its strength and arrogance and that no one has the right to interfere in the affairs of the nation, which considers (farm) amid the absence of the international community from the account and that painful reality, we call on you parties, organizations and individuals to adopt more useful and the most important resort to the judiciary in Europe and filing lawsuits against anyone who commits crimes against humanity or violation of human Wonsan only note that human rights organizations and associations at home to have knowledge in all those committed against the Syrian citizens and spares no effort to support the victims of the regime and their families, and many of them made many sacrifices are a source of pride for the Syrian people and their attitudes to our nostalgia consciousness national precious sons and that it faces today, the brothers hurt in Adra prison is sophisticated death by the prison director, who was selected for this site, and this goal after the head of the security sub-time and one full of history and the crimes of corruption and he has a special relationship with the system and I am sure that the work programmers for the liquidation of Dr. Kamal Labwani and lawyer Anwar Bunni and Professor Michel Kilo, and Nizar Rstenawi Dr. Aref Dalilah, Habib Saleh, this case applies to the rest of prisons spread all over the country I make this appeal and I hope that we squeeze determined to seek the support and the support of our Arab brothers and to free the world of the new phase work and new methods in a peaceful and within the laws of the countries in which you may live and work will be an important and integral part of what they are doing at home Sawa brothers were in prison or jail younger largest in which they live and know that their torturers come soon, God lived in Syria lived a great people


safa said?

When you talk about the ambassadors. Those are not the ambassadors, they Galik each of giving them orders, even from the youngest and Athf people Bashir Rafik friend and the Foreign Minister. Imad Mustafa, Sami promulgated cliché despicable sordid characters.


11-04-2007 00:27

دافعت الممثلة السورية منى واصف عن حق نجلها المقيم في واشنطن المعارض السوري عمار عبد الحميد في التعبير عن رأيه مهما اختلف عن رأيها‏، وقالت إن على العالم العربي أن يتعود على الإختلاف في الرأي. ونفت منى واصف أن تكون قد تعرضت لأي مضايقات في سوريا سبب أنشطة نجلها الذي أدلى مؤخرا بتصريحات لصحيفة إسرائيلية تناول فيها بعض المواقف السياسية المثيرة للجدل.

وقالت منى واصف عن نجلها " إبني معارض سياسي وليس خائنا"‏، مضيفة في حديث هاتفي: "ابني نشأ في بيت وطني‏، وربيناه أنا ووالده المرحوم على حب الوطن، أما مواقفه السياسية فهو حر فيها‏، ولم أحاول إطلاقا أن أفرض عليه أي رأي".

وردا على سؤال عن صحة ما يتردد عن تعرضها لمضايقات ومطالبات بالتبرّؤ من مواقف نجلها قالت: "إطلاقا لم أتعرض لأي مضايقات، فابني بلغ سن الأربعين، وله مواقف هو مسؤول عنها‏، وأنا لي مواقفي المسؤولة عنها، فأنا امرأة سورية، وطنية، منتمية لهذا البلد، بكل ما فيه من أخطاء، ولكني لا يمكن أن أتخذ أي موقف ضد ابني، ويجب أن نتعوّد على احترام الرأي الآخر، وأحب أن أكرّر أني لم أتعرض لأي متاعب، وأعتقد أني لن أتعرض لأي أذى بسبب مواقف ابني، فسوريا بلد منفتح، وابني سيظل ابني الذي لن أتخلّى عنه إطلاقا، ولم يطلب مني أحد أن أتبرأ منه، وسأظل أفاخر بابني وبانتمائي لوطني وانتمائي لمهنتي التي قضيت فيها أكثر من 45 عام حتى الآن، وسأظل اعتبر نفسي أماً لعمار وسفيرة لسوريا‏‏، أما مواقف عمار السياسية فلا يمكن أن توصف بأي حال من الأحوال أنه تخلّى فيها عن وطنه".

وتابعت الممثلة السورية الكبيرة قائلة، " ربما أننا في العالم العربي لم نتعود بما فيه الكفاية على الرأي والرأي الآخر، ولكن عمار ابني يعرف أن الطريق الذي اختاره لنفسه طريق صعب، وأنا أعتزّ بتنشئتي له على حب وطنه".

ومن جانبه قال عبد الحميد: "كل ما قمت به كان بشكل فردي، وأدليت بتصريحات لصحيفة يديعوت أحرنوت الإسرائيلية وصحف أخرى عالمية حذرت فيها الإسرائيليين من أن الشعب السوري لن يقبل التبعات التي يمكن أن تترتب على اتفاق جائر والسلام الحقيقي لا يمكن أن يحدث إلاً بمباركة الشعوب من خلال مباحثات علنية واضحة ومن خلال الالتزام بالقوانين الدولية". وأضاف لقد خسرنا الكثير باسم الحرب، ولا نريد أن نخسر باسم السلام أيضاً بأن نجد أنفسنا في المستقبل مضطرين لقديم تنازلات معينة في مجال الأمن المائي أو غيره."




Syrian representative defended me and describe the right of her son, who lives in Washington, the opposing Syrian Ammar Abdul Hamid in the expression of any opinion different from the view, and said that the Arab world should get used to the difference in opinion. Denied me describe to have been subjected to any harassment in Syria, the reason for the activities of her son, who recently made statements to the Israeli newspaper addressing some political positions controversial. She said about me and describe her son, "my political opponents and not a traitor", adding in a telephone conversation : "my son grew up in Beit patriotic, Rbinah father, the late Anna and the love of the homeland, but his political positions where it is free, and I try never to impose any opinion." In response to a question about the veracity of the rumors about the exposure to harassment claims and distancing themselves from the positions of her son said : "Absolutely not not touch any harassment, Fabni reached the age of forty, with the positions was responsible, and I stands responsible, I am the woman Syria, and national belonging to this country, with all its faults, but I can not taken any stand against my son, and must become accustomed to respecting the opinions of others, and I want to repeat I did not touch any troubles, and I think I will not go to any harm because of my positions, Syria is an open country, and my son will be my son, which will yield him absolutely, and did not ask me one that Atbra him, and I will Avacher dear boy, belong to the nationalist and my underlying vocations for which I have spent more than 45 years until now, and I will keep it n Vse As for Ammar ambassador to Syria, either Ammar political positions can not be described in any way that he abandoned his homeland. " The Syrian representative and large saying, "perhaps we in the Arab world has not been sufficiently accustomed to the opinions of others, but my son Ammar knows that the path he has chosen for himself through difficult, and I am proud Ptenseti him on the love of their homeland." For his part, Abdel-Hamid : "Everything I have done it individually, and my statements to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot and other newspapers global warned the Israelis that the Syrian people will not accept the consequences that can result from the agreement unfair and true peace can not occur until the blessing of the peoples of the talks open and clear, and by the commitment international laws. " He has lost much name of the war, and we do not want to lose the name of peace also that in the future we find ourselves forced to old certain concessions in the area of security or other waterway. " Politicians


Help Iraqi Christians

Ammar why the silence??? need to read you

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