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May 10, 2007



bashar stinks ,he is an half pig.


why mincing the word Ammar just say it : he is fully fledged Dictator
and very soon we will have no ather way but to call for popular revolution



I don't understand what you mean by saying: you were wrong?


I think and think about your posts...For the life of me I don't know what the citizens of the U.S. can do to alleviate the situation in Syria.Yes, U.S. foreign policy is now turning toward "realpolitic" again, something that you don't seem to favor but, revolution and democracy seem to be the greater of evils in international circles.

The thing about realpolitic is that it isn't messy in an international way. The fact that it leaves millions under opression is, of course, a side effect. One that can be conveniently ignored by the western press and western gov'ts.

The rest of the world and, internally in the U.S., many politicians say we should "talk" to Assad, we should "talk" to the mullahs of Iran. After all, they have the best interest of their own people at heart... You and I know this isn't true but, it is a nice fantasy, no?

So, on and on we go. The people of Syria not able to realize their own potential, Lebannon hanging in the balance, "dress police" roaming the streets of Tehran but, the U.S. is the evil one...

Yes, we went into Iraq and broke things, drove Saddam to a hidey hole and filmed him getting his hair checked for bugs... As a U.S. citizen, I would never have guessed that the citizens of Iraq were willing to live with thugs roaming their streets, foreign fighters crazed by religious ideology teaming across their borders, harbored by fellow religionists in country, blowing up women and children at the market or attending school. This was way beyond our understanding.

So, if the U.S. was naieve about the extent of barbarity willing to be perpetrated on a civilian population by actors inside and outside the country of Iraq; if we were unwilling to believe the extent that neighboring countries would go to throttle a free society then count me guilty...

Now that the "Iraq experiment" is in its end game with a sure failure for the U.S., democracy, and secular law (and given the many missteps by the U.S. is a granted) we will see quite a bit more opression in neighboring police states, er, countries.

So, for all of you that thought the U.S. invasion of Iraq was illegal, unwarranted, outrageous, you will now reap what you have sown. I do not say this with any pleasure but, I really must say that it effects me a lot less than it does you... I pay for it at the pump, you pay for it in blood.

Ammar Abdulhamid

Well put Babs. In the final analysis, the modernization and democratization is our responsibiity, and we do and will have to pay for it in blood. For even if we, the liberal few, reject violence, the others won't.

But, I believe that the price on your end as well Babs, might be more than just a few more dollars at the pump, as the events of 9/11 showed.

Be that as it may, indeed, none of us can afford to gloat. We are all getting screwed, one way or another.


It looks like you are Ignorant in addition to your Arrogance; it was always some body’s blood for your pump charges!

The fact that some peoples level of education democratization or culture, might not be as developed as others societies in the fucking Free World, doesn’t make an excuse to further fuck their already miserable lives in search of few less cents on your fuel bills!

Perhaps you need to read a little before your start lecturing others how they are solely responsible for what is happening to them, and I am referring you to the history of supporting dictator ships all around the “Other” inferior not-USA world, by the most of the successive US administrations, including the support of Sadam Husain him self!!

It is the responsibility of the powerful to lend a hand to the weak. But we don’t get this yet, we prefer to beat the hell out of him, then lecture him about how he should help him self.

But in case of the US of A, what’s really happening is perusing now and all the time its own interests! Democracy… Freedom!! …Please, am about to throw up.

If you stop spreading your arms candy-gifts to the TALIBANS of the world, maybe people will have some time to think their way out.

Turn off your TV a couple of hours every week, and try to get some real education.


Well Hammam, I hope that made you feel better!
The "history of supporting dictatorships all around the world" is also known as Realpolitic! Go along and get along and the hell with who suffers.
If you re-read my comment you might discern that I do not support it...
And BTW, why debate when you can just insult? Your anger is certainly palpable but does nothing to further your point of view.
If you were to take the time to actually read what I wrote, you would understand that I am accusing myself of being ignorant along with the rest of the American people.
"Count me guilty" is what I said. What part of that didn't you get?
Did you hear the one about the guy that walked into the hotel restaurant in Pakistan yesterday? He blew himself up taking with him 23 others including the Pakistani owner and several of his family members? Attached to the bomber's leg (which was completely severed from his body) was a note "warning" others of their fate should they become "American Spies". That is one hell of a way to deliver the mail. I am completely disgusted by the random carnage. If that makes me "arrogant" in your eyes then you need glasses.

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