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May 25, 2007






Thank you Sir,
The father and son have used the media very well. The father media director did not know what type of monster he is making when he started copying the eastern block. They have used pictures (their pictures, father and now the son) as the only allowed picture, and the only big picture where media prohibited any other pictures to be hanged in government places, streets, shops, restaurants even homes.
You do not know what type of favor you are doing by elongating this monster neck. 40 billions dollars, smacks, was not enough he still wants to slave the people for 7 more, no 14 more, no 49 more before bring his son to the crown.


Ammar, don’t you think that sending the faxes of NO NO NO to the Syrian embassy tomorrow help to exercise our freedom of expression which the people of Syria are deprived from. Let overwhelm the Syrian embassy with our faxes, since till now they did not put the instruction for the referendum.
Let’s be tomorrow the NO NO NO day all around the world. We ARE 18 millions who wish good to our descents.

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