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May 04, 2007



Ammar, I wonder if we as American Immigrants can take legal action against the big thief of Syria of his latest decree to collect from our sons fines for being sons to fathers from Syrian origin as a substitute for the military service which he has no right to force it on foreign citizens. I hope Ms. Rice and the State Department will get to know with the recent decree of cashing $500 from our children who are American who every day in the morning pledge the allegiance to the United States of American.
The criminal regime is cashing from 18 million immigrants and no one taking action.
Lets the Syrian Embassy and the regime know that anyone who pays these fines should eligible for collecting back this money through collective legal action and I hope Ms. Rice and others in the State Department start looking after American citizens.
My friend’s son was born in USA and now is serving in the USA Navy, and the big thief of Syria wants to make him pay 500 dollars


Hi there

I agree with your assessment even I have to bring up Joshua Landis assessment that like or lump it Syria is unimportant in scheme of thing
No body going do the change of government for us but us the citizens of our sad home
So gambling on out side interference to help the Syria masses is just is Gambling
We have got to stand up and count on our self
And if help come along the way so be it


رسالة عبرالانترنت لكل من السفير سامي الخيمي وعماد مصطفى من صديق قديم له مركز مرموق في وزارة الخارجية السورية في دمشق.
ان وزارة الخارجية في وضع سئ للغاية نتيجة تسلط مرافق وزير الخارجية لجميع الموظفين واهانتهم بما فيهم الاستاذ فيصل مقداد, جميعنايعلم عن هذه العلاقةالغريبة ولكان الامر الان يحتاج الى مساعدة منكم لان الامور في غاية الخطورة والحرج واعلم انكم على علم بمدا الاهانة التي نواجهها في الوزارة ولكني اطلب منكم الان السرعةفي حسم هذا الامر وشكرا.


God Damnit, write something. Don’t you know your words when you sweep the dirty floor with dictator Assad is the only balsam for the wounds of millions of people in and outside the country. Here the curse of the country standing in front of the phony parliament and scattering his poising speeches over the either, and those midgets in the hall clapping for him the way being contrived by father lion: clip clip clip, clip clip. For eternity, in blood, in soul will defend you Assad?

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