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July 23, 2007



You are somewhat cloaked in what these "missions" might be. I can't help but think they might include your children...
I can only imagine that moving children from one continent to another would be a radical change, for them especially but, also for you. It must have been very difficult to do. We moved from Southern California to the NYC area and it was a huge change (in the same country I might add). I can't imagine what it might be like to move from the Middle East to the D.C. area. Talk about culture shock!
So, if you and your family have finally calmed down and, you now feel able to participate in the life into which you have thrust them, I salute you. Those that have not made a change such as this can't possibly imagine how hard it is.
Maybe I am way off track... Maybe you have placed the burden of this tremendous move solely on the shoulders of your wife. Maybe you are referring to something political. Some how, I doubt it.
Raising young adults is tough no matter what culture you are operating under. To switch cultures is particularly hard...
God Bless you, your wife and your children. It can't be easy.


Try to enjoy the view from Pisgah.


sounds peaceful


After 'all' one lands on his feet and it's good to see the horizon of one's capabilities from the comfortable place one is in instead from a place floating in insecurity and hoping one can change it 'all'.
To know one's restrictions prevents huge disappointment, because none of us can do more than we can do ;-)


I don’t know what happened to you to disappear, but I think the net has lost the only man who was trying the change the fate of Syria on his own. May be you have never realized the incredible work you have been doing in resizing those less than normal group in power, stripping them naked in front of the whole world and wiping them the floor like a dirty cloth. You were the only one who was standing to the fear itself with courage no match to and I believe they got into you somehow, or the task was too much to undertake. Off course you did right not to align yourself with the big cats hungry for power, but still I hope you will continue what you started of. I might personally have nothing against those people in power, but their system should be attacked through their personalities and that the least intelligent people can do to shaken the people mind to stand up for their stolen freedom and rights since ages.


I add my voice to anonymous3's


please Ammar give the address of the site where you publish out of bounds of censorship<;


ammar, il y a un temps pour tout et quand nous disparaissons, il y a la relève; ce qui est important est d'avoir apporté notre contribution à une cause; nous ne sommes ni éternels, ni indispensables, mais il est une cause incontournable et c'est la famille et surout les enfants.
Bonne chance et merci pour l'exemple et le courage

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