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August 12, 2007



Welcome back Ammar, even I can hear your post saying: “I’ll be back” theme instead of saying to your fans sorry for being away. I would like to hear a mission statement for your second coming and if you do not mind clarify what distinction you have in your bag for the future, because I think it is a long road not like what others who think it is a short one.


Good to see you back Ammar.

Looking forward to reading what you have accumulated the last few months.

The Syrian Brit

Like Yazan, I am delighted to know you are keeping well, and eagerly look forward to reading your views and thoughts about the alst few months...


thanks for all you are doing for syria,tharwa is an excellent project


You gonna start posting again?



How did I come out as Hassan? Has my cover been blown as a secret agent for the Assads?


I don't want to bother you so I am posting here. Hope you check in on the comments from time to time.
I am amazed that you have had nothing to say about the recent bombing by the Israeli's on your country. It is coming out in the western press that Syria had a nuclear program going and that is what the Israeli's were bombing. What do you think?

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