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October 29, 2007



I can tell you that many i mean many syrians would love to get rid of the regime if needs to be by the hands of israel or america, just get rid of them.

All america needs to say is give the regime a ultinatum like they gave saddam before the iraq war happened, and you will find the regime falling to the knees asking the syrians for mercy, but there i can assure you people will slaughter the regime and wouldn't feel guilty.


Great to have you back Ammar,
Could you comments on the issue of Nuclear Syria if it is to the good of Syrian or it is bad choice, and can Syria or can’t withstand this step. I wish to know how serious in your view such decision and does it boarder with jeopardizing national security of Syria. Does a step like that mean that the regime is desperate to go that extreme?

Ammar Abdulhamid

Well, since we do not live in the ideal world which we all so richly deserve, some military expenditures are always needed and justified. But spending any penny on a hopeless nuclear venture is ludicrous, our resources are too limited and they are desperately needed elsewhere: education, health, housing, industrial infrastructure, etc. Moreover, and as the strike so clearly demonstrates, and as the whole situation with Iran shows (and before it Iraq of course), the likelihood of success here is very limited. The whole situation is indeed a desperate venture on part of the Assads.

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