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December 15, 2007



It turns out that the Syrian opposition knows how to do math. But, Bashar & Family did not.



So far in this exchange, you’ve been beating around the ‘Bushes’.
We understand that America is a superpower and every political player in the region needs to establish contacts within any American administration bla bla bla…but in your case the core question is: what is the common denominator between you and these new-cons? (namely Hadley and Abrams?)
Okay, we know you’ve demanded of Bush to exert pressure on the Syrian regime to better the Human Rights situation (I thanks you deeply for this). But the ‘elected’ American president, as you called him, has got his image tarnished infinitely, let alone his declining popularity amongst his own electorate.
Besides, he’s leaving office in less than a year (as you’ve mentioned).
So there is no practicality in talking to this guy.

Again, what could you possibly achieve by talking to him, and by coordinating with the nastier elements of his staff?


Great talk Ammar,
You have said it eloquently, opposition rule is to plant the seed of change and not force change. Stagnation was and still is the regime and the regime supporters’ mantra and it is serving their cause not the people cause.

As for Offended who said that Bush is loosing popularity among his own electorate, it is may be true from one angle but living in the USA and watching the debate on TV and listing to the radio it is completely different story. Both republicans and democrats are not much different in the view of the world and their rule. The difference is in the mean to achieve that goal. From here, you are right Ammar, any administration in the white house for a small country which called Syria is same all same. And now the new change is that for the first time in history there is in addition to the regime, there is opposition trying hard to reach the American administration in a struggle from both to get legitimacy.
But the funny thing is that when the regime works to reach the US administration he claim that he represent the people, but when opposition reach the administration he call them traitors. Hey, what is the difference here? Both are reaching the same guy.

So, do not worry Ammar, as you said, people will wise up and learn self empowerment to the fact that individuals can make a difference, from any position.


Merry Christmas and Happy Eid and what ever holiday you might celebrate at this time of year.
May all of you experience peace and joy for maybe just one day... We can grow on that!
My wish for the new year is that like minded people of tolerance and peace band together and represent their strengths and not their weaknesses.
We have a lot to argue about. Hopefully, we will not argue about freedom and joy.
God bless all that reads this blog; sending you peace and joy during this season of Christ's birth.

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