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Ammar Abdulhamid

Together, we can make a difference.

Ammar Abdulhamid
Tharwa Foundation Director

Dalia Ziada

I believe in peacebuilding, building bridges across communal divides and cultures, and in the empowerment of civil movements from across the world. So, I have the pleasure to sign.

Dalia Ziada
Tharwa Foundation Egyptian Coordinator

Craig Parker

Perusing your Manifesto is a bit like hitting the "I Accept" key on User Apllications online. I will take more time in the future. For now, I save the link as a resource.

Zana Ralia

An wonderful vision, which could be a real chance for the change. I wish i could join the project and support u!


thank you

Zowie the Bowie

Wow so much interest in this CIA project.

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