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April 13, 2007



Members of the National Salvation Front:
There are many Syrian heroes who are in jail, and some who were already killed by this dictatorship of thugs. We in the West don't know much about these people, including Lubwani and others. Can you please post some photographs, and some life stories for us to read. We need to be able to really touch the tragedy of the dissidents in a more personal way. Tell us also about their families. If you want us to connect to your cause you need to make it personal with stories of dissident heroes. We connected to russian dissidents, such as Sharansky, because we knew who they were and how they were suffering.
Thank you,

Majd Sabri

Thank you for this suggestion, you are indeed right in pointing this out. Some effort needs to be done here in order to highlight the plight of Syria's jailed and abused dissidents.


I am posting on the advice of a friend to direct Virginia and others interested to this website for more information about political prisoners, including photographs and speeches they have written or given. Please visit to see them.

However, I also feel compelled to add that the calls for boycott did not originate from the NSF, but from internal opposition groups, which are not living in the luxury of high-class Paris apartments. I also feel compelled to add that I do not support the NSF, which itself is made up of contingencies of ex-thugs and criminals.

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